$CBET is a community-run BEP-20 token
usable on the crypto gaming platform Cbet.gg

$CBET utility

$CBET utility

Deposit method on Cbet.gg

Every time you deposit $CBET on your Cbet.gg account, your balance gets +25% extra funds!

On-chain staking

Each $CBET wallet holder will receive 5% of all transactions executed on-chain pro-rata based. No need to transfer your tokens to anyone, hold and earn while the world is gambling.

Flash loans

You do not need to sell your $CBET if you need cash. Get 50% flash loans and keep your tokens!

Monthly supply burn

50% of all $CBET deposited on Cbet.gg will be burnt every month! $CBET holders benefit from Cbet.gg users activity!

Liquidity acquisition

5% of all transactions made onchain going for 50% as BNB on exchange, 50% as $CBET Token on exchange, contract is locked from start.

Money rains on $CBET holders! Staking and dividends.

Live price

Live price calculator

As the token is a never ending fluctuating currency, use this tool to check the current price of the CBET Token before you make any investment.

What if you could go back in time?

Use our Time Machine to jump into the past and browse the historical price of CBET

Enter a date and an amount in the currency of your choice in order to calculate how much your investment could have been worth today - in real time!


1 000 000


1 000 000

Date of the investment

Currency and amount



Total supply

1015 (1 quadrillon)

Lsiting type

Fair Launch Auction




Binance Smart Chain

Smart contract


Type of token


  • Ownership renounced
  • Proven utility of the token
  • Community-run
  • Fair launch
  • No dev fund or team wallets
  • Liquidity pool locked for 4 years

Based on 48,255 reviews

About Cbet.gg

About Cbet.gg

Unique Crypto and on ramp FIAT system

First of its kind, Cbet.gg operates in multi currencies all around the world, in any markets offering the latest payment methods to the largest customers audience possible. Cbet.gg bridges the best of ALL worlds.

World pioneer in eSports betting

Introduced in 2019, Cbet.gg is now a world leader in eSports betting. Cbet.gg is the largest CSGO bookmaker in Europe by stake with more than 100 K bet slips processed per day.

Exclusive partnership with Crash Game world leader studio

In 2020, Cbet.gg was the first promoting Crash Gaming vertical with a strong and exclusive distribution network.

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Where to buy $CBET

Where to buy $CBET

Buy $CBET on Cbet.gg


Create an account, click “BUY CBET”, receive your tokens (0% commission).

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Currencies available

Decentralized Exchange

$CBET is available on PancakeSwap.

Don't forget to verify the contract address.

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Available pairs

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Q3 2021 Token launch

Cbet.gg launches $CBET on Pancakeswap.

Q3 2021 New exclusive game

Cbet.gg will launch a new blockbuster like JetX on its website. Alpha release in August 2021.

Q1 2022 Alpha platform v2.0 release

Cbet.gg will rebrand design of current platform with upgraded and advanced features and layouts.

Q4 2022 New mobile apps

Cbet.gg will rebrand design of current mobile app with upgraded and advanced features and layouts.

Q1 2023 $CBET, money of gamblers

Cbet.gg will launch its own DEX in order to list $CBET and develop on ramp $CBET payment method with other gaming websites.

Q2 2023 VISA cards and virtual IBAN

VISA Cards and Virtual IBAN available to spend cryptocurrencies and $CBET.

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Our partners

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